Levikurve is specialised in the production of special pieces using a unique and exclusive technology featuring a skilful know-how and a worldwide patent

This technology allows creating Large Steps, Large L-Shaped Steps, Monolithic large step, Retractable large step, L-Shaped Elements, AE Corners, Corner Covers and Outdoor Corner Covers by directly hot-bending tiles already finished with materials such as glazed full-body fine porcelain with smooth or rustic finishes or with textured surfaces.

Curves: not only aesthetics


The degree of danger of some elements found in our homes are often ignored, yet they represent an important aspect for the protection of our loved ones.

Slipping on staircases and landing on a sharp edges can be very dangerous. Anyone who has kids knows that there are corners that only young children manage to find and that, at the time of designing the house, werenÕt accounted for.

Everything that is curved is less dangerous

* Legislation: (Italian) Ministerial Decree No. 236 of 14 June 1989, Presidential Decree No. 503 of 24 July 1996, UNI EN 13451-1 of 2002

Curves: not only aesthetics


Transitions that are often made in other materials must be used to join two normal floor or wall tiles. Regardless of how effective the adhesive system may be, the gaps are a source of residues that make cleaning complicated.

The Levikurve AI Corner allows using the same line of tiles for both the floor and the walls. The absence of discontinuity provides a perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality while simplifying the task of cleaning the environment.

This is a very important feature in all big public places (hospitals, industrial kitchens, swimming pools, airports, warehouses, ...) as well as in homes.

All that is continuous is easier to clean


Even more resistant!


Even more resistant


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